An e-book with views has been created!

The content is the same as is currently available in Into Programming (which is not that much – it is more a proof-of-concept as of now – more content will be added later).

I managed to create one mobi-version and one epub-version.

The mobi-version has been tested on an iPad using the Kindle for iPad, and on an Android phone using the Kindle for Android. It seems to work as expected in both of these cases.

The epub-version has been tested on an iPad using the Bluefire reader. It looks nice in this app, but external hyperlinks do not work.

The epub-version does not open in iBooks. I am trying to find out why this is the case.

The epub-version has been tested successfully however on an Android phone, in the Reader application and also the Aldiko application.

If you want to try, please do so: