The book Into Programming has pages that collect information about certain book items, like all the Figures and a list of the Concepts that are introduced in the book.

These pages (I call this type of information meta-information, since it collects information about the book) have now been added also to the e-book versions of Into Programming.

And these pages are view-specific also in the e-book version! (for example in the concept list, there are links to further reading and some of these links are selected for the programming language corresponding to the view, and others are common for all views)

You can try it out here

  • The mobi version, tested Ok in Kindle app on Android and iPad – Into Programming (mobi)
  • The epub version, tested Ok in Aldiko app and Reader app on Android and half-ok (external links not Ok) on Bluefire app on iPad – Into Programming (epub)

Enjoy! – I promise to add more content later – to make it a book that is useful also for learning programming 😉