In a recent article – EXTRA ETHER: eBooks Gone in 5 Years? – brought to my attention in a tweet from Joanna Penn, the possibility of linking in to an e-book was discussed. In a Book with Views, this is possible, not because of the views, but due to the use of a common format, in which the book is written, and which then is used as the base for generating the different book versions – a web version, e-book versions in epub-format and mobi-format, and versions suitable for print – one for each of the views.

It is possible to link in to a book, for example to a chapter, a section, but also to a specific figure, and to pages collecting meta-information, e.g. the page collecting all URLs used in the book.

Of course it is always possible to link out of a book. This helps the reader to probe further, and it has also been pointed out recently by Seth Godin in What do you do when they don’t understand?.

If a common format is used, software can of course help the author, to keep hyperlinks consistent between different book formats, and also to automatically create meta-information, like the page showing all the urls, mentioned above, or to a page listing all concepts defined and used in a book.