This is a new way to make books – with more than one topic at a time.

As an example, consider computer programming. There are a lot of languages and everyone has an opinion of which one is the best.

In a programming book with views, more than one programming language at a time can be included.

In this way you can see the commonalities between all languages (there are many), and in particular you can zoom in on the differences, the things that make a specific language special.

You can of course do a Book with Views covering other things than programming – views representing different product variations, views representing different characters (in a novel with views!), views representing different types of hardware (with many similarities but also differences).

If you have read all the way down to here – perhaps you will give the rest of the site a try.

It is maintained by me, the bookmaker. My real name is Ola and you can reach me at dahl dot ola at gmail dot com.

I live and work in Stockholm, Sweden.

My current challenge is to finish and market the first two books.

Happy reading!

1 thought on “About”

  1. annika bornlid said:

    You are the best!

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